Soldier's Poem

Тип: песня
Длительность: 2:03
Дата релиза: 03.07.2006

A political song that - according to the NME - has a "backing that recalls granddaddy and a barbershop quartet".[1] It has a mellow jazz sound, with a military rhythmic beat. It is written from the perspective of a soldier who cannot find a reason for why he is repeatedly risking his life.[2] Bellamy on the song: "A Soldier's Poem" tells the story of someone who gives up hope" also he said that he "felt sympathy with all the soldiers fighting in the war, but who are never talked about in the media because war is such an anonymous monstrosity. People often forget that soldiers risk their lives and amidst all the political debates their lives come least."[3] Howard: “It’s about a soldier in prison, who feels abandoned by a country that’s falling apart. We didn’t know how to play it and, finally, we made into a melodramatic jazz style. It’s big and minimal at the same time. We were surprised to see that you can play jazz and make it sound good. We’ll probably keep it, because we’ll have a whale of a time with it". Wolstenholme: "It's one of my favourite tracks on the album".

Текст песни

Soldier's Poem

Throw it all away
Let's lose ourselves
Cause there's no one left for us to blame
It's a shame we're all dying
And do you think you deserve your freedom

How could you send us
So far away from home
When you know damn well that this is wrong
I will still lay down my life for you

And do you think you deserve your freedom
No I don't think you do
There's no justice in the world
There's no justice in the world
And there never was

Перевод песни

Солдатская Поэма

Не берите в голову
Спишите нас со счетов
Ведь больше некому покрыть вас позором
За то, что мы все мертвы
И вы считаете, что достойны свободы

Как вы можете нас отправлять
Так далеко от дома
Прекрасно зная, что это ошибка
Я без упрека должен за вас свою жизнь отдать

И вы считаете, что достойны свободы
Нет, я думаю, это не так
Нет справедливости на свете
Нет справедливости на свете
И никогда не было

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