Концерт Muse - Эдмонтон, Канада 2010 (Rexall Place)

Страна: Канада
Город: Эдмонтон

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We Are the Universe (Intro music)

1. Uprising
2. Resistance
3. New Born + Headup  riff
4.Supermassive Black Hole
5. Interlude + People of the Sun Intro + Hysteria +  Black in black riff
6. Bliss (Расширенная)
7. Nishe
8. United States of Eurasia
9. Ruled By Secrecy
10. Helsinki Jam + Undisclosed Desires
12.Unnatural Selection
13.Burning Bridges  + Time Is Running  Out
14.Plug In Baby


15.Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1:  Overture
16.Stockholm Syndrome
17.Man  With  A  Harmonica Intro + Knights Of  Cydonia